Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garlic Harvest 2013

We harvested the last of our elephant garlic this past weekend. Most of this was garlic that was grown from bulbs that we harvested the previous season. It was planted outside the high tunnels. We'll sell a little but most likely save most of it for next year's seed and use some for cooking.

Last of the garlic to be harvested this season.

The two photos below show the transition the garlic makes during its final week.

One week before harvest.

Day of harvest. This was planted in October 2012 on the east side of high tunnel #1. The drip irrigation was off during most of the winter months.

These bulbs will be hung to dry in one of the greenhouses for a couple of weeks before we separate all of it into this season's sellable bulbs and next season's seed.

Basket full of harvested garlic, including one rogue green onion for tonight's dinner.

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